The NBA In Texas #90

Bill Simpson and Dimitri Skoumpourdis welcome Damian Murphy back to the show to discuss Brandon Jennings’ recent comments regarding the careers of Reggie Miller and Robert Horry.


The NBA In Texas #89

Bill Simpson and Dimitri Skoumpourdis touch on Joel Embiid before discussing the Sacramento Kings signing Ty Lawson and Charlie Thomas’ tenure as Rockets owner.

Lone Star Summit Show #87: Rankings, Cuban

Bill Simpson and Dimitri Skoumpourdis rank their top five worst and best free agent signings of 2016 before detailing the process of Mark Cuban purchasing the Dallas Mavericks as well as the climate of the franchise he inherited.

Lone Star Summit Show #86: Peter Holt

Bill Simpson and Dimitri Skoumpourdis make good on their promise to discuss Peter Holt and his rise to prominence before continuing Mark Cuban week to discuss his college times at Indiana University.

Lone Star Summit Show #85: News, Mark Cuban

Bill Simpson and Dimitri Skoumpourdis scrape the bottom of the barrel for some Monday NBA news before kicking off Mark Cuban week with a look at his early life and upbringing.

The Broken Matrix #4
Niko and Damian go off the cuff when discussing recent news from the Hillary and Trump campaign, while also talking about new movie releases such as Sausage Party. Also, both of the hosts get ready for being “Back to School”.

Lone Star Summit Show #84: Spurs Schedule, Draft
Bill and Dimitri go game by game through the San Antonio Spurs’ 2016-2017 schedule to project records, before taking a page out of the Starters’ book and drafting an entourage.